Sa Una nga Butlak: Art Exhibition

“Sa Una nga Butlak” may dala nga kasanag kag paglaum – tanum sang kinasingkasing nga gugma sang mga kababainhan sang Baryo Balangaw Creative Initiatives. Bisan sa panahon sang pandemya, gina-atubang ang pang adlaw-adlaw nga kinabuhi sang may kalipay sa pag-diskobre sang mga talento kag pagpukaw sa mga palanumdumanan nga mga inspirasyon.

Ang kada palhit sang pinta may dala nga pagpasalamat sa bugana sang pag-inupdanay nga may dala nga harakhak; kada duso sang hílo may dala nga intensyon kag dedikasyon sa pagpalapnag sang katahum.”

Baryo Balangaw Creative Initiatives has facilitated a Creative Skills Exchange with the women farmfolks of Caninguan, Lambunao in Iloilo, Philippines for three months since December 2020 as a pioneer Creative Recovery Initiative. The workshop was supported through SEA Junction’s Small Grant: “Staying Resilient Amid the Pandemic in Southeast Asia”.

This painting exhibition has facilitated a “healing” course through the transformative power of the arts. The participating artists are primarily women farmfolks who’ve never encountered a relaxed space of art-making process – of holding a brush and paint; or embroidering the veins of thread on the canvas. They have all felt a spaciousness of safety – lost in the rhythm of the farmfields and the pulsating beat of their heart’s desires to convey their life stories through the raw and authentic nature of the freedom of expression.

May their works find connection along your path – memories of simple joy; paintings that open a window to the soul.


All works are available to purchase at Php4,000.00 each painting. Shipping cost is included with your purchase – within the Philippines only. We can facilitate international shipping covered by the collector.

For enquiries, email or call: Raz/ / +63 915 892 1411