Baryo Balangaw Creative Initiatives: Bridging Creativity in Rural Communities

We are keepers of the Rainbow Lineage – our mission is to help activate the unification of all colors of the rainbow streamlined through the heart of each hueman beings. We take pride in working with our fellows in the rural communities and supporting the reawakening of their artistic spirit from within them.

our kindle


Our initiatives are driven to activate the transformative influence of art to create a reflective impact to every individual that we engage in the community.    


Knowledge sharing is vital source of mutual exchange between us and the community – we learn, we understand, and we grow together.


We are mindful with our communication approaches that is conscious, receptive, and grounded with respect – empathic facilitation is integral in our work.  


Revitalize what is intrinsic among hueman beings – the essential nature of loving-kindness. We value the regeneration of this attitude as a way of living. 

Let’s make something together.